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Middle rear seat - belt alarm


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RAV4 2019 Dynamic 

Over the weekend I had to move some items in the car and with the rear seats all folded to get the larger items in the car.   When loaded the rear middle seat alarm went off.  Two questions ,

If the seats are folded should this be automatically disabled to prevent false alarms ?

Can this be disabled at all as it was very distracting until it gave up and stopped making a noise 

Many thanks 

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I've never known that to happen. With the seat backs folded down any reasonable weight placed upon them should be reasonably distributed across the entire width of the back seats so that the warning alerts are not triggered. So,

  • Was there anything trapped between the folded seat back and the centre seat that might have place undue pressure on the centre sensor?
  • Was the overall load excessive?

And, assuming 'no' to both you may want the dealer to have a look to check the sensor / sensor positioning ...

As far as I know it is a simple weight sensor and, because it is a safety feature, I very much doubt that there will be any way to turn it off. In the handbook it does suggest that luggage on a seat may cause the system to incorrectly detect the existence of an occupant, and the use of a cushion may cause the system to fail to detect the presence of a passenger.

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You can turn the alarm off on the 4.4 - I did it to prevent my dog from being fat shamed - I presume with Techstream or Carista you can do the same on the 4.5.

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