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Toyota Auris - Bluetooth Redialling when turning car off


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2008 Toyota Auris.

My bluetooth function stopped working and after some debugging I have located the problem on the module shown below.  I have replaced the unit with a used one i bought online.   The bluetooth function now works OK, except that it randomly (but more often than I like) sends a "redial" signal to the phone, as soon as you switch off the car ! Obviously this is unacceptable since your phone redials the last number as soon as you are getting ready to get out of the car!

In some older threads I have seen this problem and read that a software upgrade of the module solves this problem.  I talked to the Toyota Dealer but they have no idea how to do a software upgrade and they offered me instead to replace the whole module for 300+ euros. 

Does anyone know anything else about this software upgrade? The module I replaced is the one shown below.   Please do not offer me to replace the toyota bluetooth with another solution. I am merely interested to know if someone knows something about the software upgrade or even if they know someone who does it and I may send the module out to them for an upgrade!

Many thanks





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