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Brake pads & disc which ones to get?


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I was wondering what kind of brake pads and discs you got for your car? I am going to get new ones for my car soon. I would appreciate links if you got any. I got yaris 2012, hybrid car. 

Thank you!

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best to buy oem from Toyota, however these maybe expensive and there are good alternatives to look for. You need first to locate part numbers and then search the web. Brake discs will be good to be coated (paint protection against rust) and pads to be standard, not for sport driving. Brands is subjective and personal preference mostly, if the parts are good quality and fitted properly the rest is not that important. Full brake fluid change is important and slider pins and callipers clean and lube., changing only parts it’s a job halfway done. 

to locate parts numbers and find your spare parts online you can use these sites: 



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A GOOD motor factors will probably get you OM parts in the original manufacturers packaging (note: Toyota DO NOT make brake parts). If you want Toyota stamped on the box, then you'll pay the premium.

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I've used EBC discs and pads in the past on my older cars; No complaints, and their newer discs are supposedly coated so you don't need to degrease them first, and the hubs don't rust.

I let Toyota do them once and found they were expensive and used the cheaper Optifit parts rather than factory-spec pads and discs. Wasn't too happy with that, but as I now own a hybrid with an EPB I feel like I'm stuck with them as the guy I usually get to change my brakes won't touch EVs or hybrids, and the other cheapo garages I used in the past for other stuff I don't trust with an EPB...!

Also, it's just easier to argue the warranty if I keep it in with Toyota as if the EPB breaks they can't shift the blame so easily...

As it's a hybrid tho', hopefully the brakes won't need changing for ages!

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