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Camber, Caster, Toe for Auris I Generation


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Hi there, last year I visited local dealer with my 2008 Auris after catching really bad road hole by front right wheel. They changed front suspension arms (both left and right) but as a result I got front right camber in red zone.

Year passed and I decided to change shock absorbers but at another dealer center. They checked wheels angle too but as a result front right camber is still the same as year ago but it's not marked red anymore!

So dear folks, my questions are:

  1. Is anybody know the basic wheels angle for Auris?
  2. I heard of camber nuts by Toyota but should they be used in that case?
  3. Do I need to take any actions with that issue or it's not an issue at all? 




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Tnx, man but that caused more questions than answers for me 😀

I really don't understand why two dealers marked the same camber in different ways.

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I have no special insight into this (Devon Aygo works at a Toyota dealer, by the way), I don't know my way around a wheel alignment jig! 

I would say that the camber of the right front wheel, as measured, is just on the edge of triggering the red warning on the alignment gauge.  And depending on how the flex in the various suspension rubbers is feeling on any given day (variables such as ambient temperature, have you driven far, have you just filled up with petrol), then the measured value is changing just enough to push it into the red zone, sometimes.

If you drove the car out of the garage and drove it back in again straight away, then I would not be surprised if you didn't get fractionally different measurements, just due to normal flex in the suspension bushes.

Happy to be corrected of course!

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Hi Gerg, tnx a lot for your opinion but AFAIK camber on most of Toyota's is not changeable that's why Toyota is providing special camber nuts (or bolts) - for such or different cases - IDK exactly.

If Devon Aygo will have a bit more free time that would be much appreciated to receive his feedback.

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