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Keyless Fob replacement

Sarah Fletcher

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Good Morning

My husband has ‘misplaced’ the spare keyless fob for our 2017 Rav.

Does anybody have any suggestions of where I can obtain another one (other than a Toyota dealership) and a rough idea of price?? 
Going to contact the dealer today but anticipating £££££!

Many Thanks.

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Yeah, sorry - IIRC you're looking at a ballpark of £300 for a replacement one of those on average! Still, it's a lot cheaper than replacing the ECU!

Sadly I don't know of anyone who can code these other than Toyota - Theoretically if one could get hold of a key and had the Techstream software and data cable it could be done, but I hear the newer smart keys are locked to a specific car and can't be transferred, so you have to buy a new blank one and you can only get those from Toyota...


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Correct, I have only one fob for my mk 3 keyless entry SR rav 4.  Quoted £304 for a fob and £30 to programme it + VAT.  By maim Toyota dealer !

It's a no win bite the bulit for us it seems!

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I had a Renault Laguna and lost the spare key/remote I spent hours trying to find someone other than the dealers to obtain one and get it programmed. 

had to get the dealer to get and programme it in the end was £220 that was a few years ago as well I’m afraid you’ll have to bite the bullet and get Toyota to do it.



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