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Reverse gear grinds, Toyota dealer mechanik doesn't know what it is, says all is ok


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Hi all

When I drove off with my Aygo in 1st gear after I released the clutch something got stuck i think in my gearbox and my car stopped. After this i couldn't start the car with my clutch pressed in or in neutral. After changing some gears and pressing the clutch my car could start. After this incident my reverse gear started to grind when I try to engage it.

When the clutch is prest there is a grind when hitting reverse, if i don't let go of the clutch the grind does not happen again.

When you again press the clutch there is a grind.

If you first go to 1st gear than go to reverse there is a grind.

If you engage reverse really slowly there is almost no to no grind.

If you hold the shifting stick to the right for 2 seconds than go down to reverse the grind is gone.


The way i understand a gear box something is still moving that should not be moving when i engage reverse, does anyone know what it mayby could be? I went to the Toyota dealer with it and only got more depressed, they say all is ok and the grind is a normal thing becouze there is no synchro in reverse. I think that that something moves that should be braked when clutch is engage and that grinds my reverse gear.

Waiting for ideas

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Couple of comments:

- it's true that there is no synchromesh on reverse (true on nearly every car), so when shifting to reverse after having been moving you have to wait a few seconds for the gears to stop rotating otherwise reverse will grind when engaging it.

- if you haven't been moving yet reverse grinds then that suggests the clutch isn't fully releasing.

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