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Egr cleaning


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Had a great day today cleaning egr and intake on my gfs 2008 d4d with 110000 Miles's on it, I don't think it's ever been done. She had big black smoke when on wot in 2nd and 3rd gear, since the clean the smoke is 80 percent or more less. Interestingly it seems more important to clean the intake manifold than the egr. I then went on to do my 2010 egr, which was much more difficult due to wiring cross looom etc, however I managed  and even though my 2010 runs awesome i was amazed at the carbon build up, especially on the intake manifold breathers .  I only use BP.ultimate but all this could of built up before my use.  Thanks to forum for help on doing this although on my 2010 model had to learn on the job, way harder than kn the 2008. My advice is cleam your egr, it is shocking what builds up.

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I’ve yet to see a bad EGR on any of the diesel RAV’s I’ve done/own, the 05 had a very fine dusting as did the 14, installs are usually going to be worse from having done them on other diesels - the only way to escape the black gunk from a 180K Altea XL was to move house 😄

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