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Yaris 2016 conversion to LPG


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Hello, i am the owner of a Toyota Yaris 2016 model and i want to install a LPG kit. I am between Landirenzo EVO and BRC systems and i am not sure which one to choose.

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Do you have specs/info for the two to compare?

You might be better off hitting up LPG enthusiast forums - They would likely have more knowledge on the pros and cons.

LPG is pretty much dead in this country as there's no real incentive or benefit to using it, esp. on newer cars; I literally don't know a single person who uses it any more (And before that I only knew one person who used it!) - So there's not a very large knowledge pool to draw from I'm afraid!


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I've recently converted mine to lpg and on the upside I filled up my Lpg today for less than 40 percent of petrol, but I live in a city, and coverage can be quite sketchy in some parts of the country, so check supply in your local area first if you're still going to get savings.

I managed to convert mine myself from parts acquired and it has been a success, but it depends where you're going to get it converted/cost of parts you get.

From the knowledge I have, BRC and landirenzo sound quite expensive, I know there are cheap systems which are still good eg. KME A.C. Stag etc etc.

But best ask on

www.lpgforum.co.uk they are massively helpful on the subject, it would be interesting to see what they recommend.

As has been said it's a bit of a fringe thing now in the UK (as opposed to the continent), but there are still savings to be had it's just the no of miles you're gonna use it on to offset the setup cost, oh and Japanese engines can have a propensity for valve seat wear on lpg, but this can be mitigated against.

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