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Engine vibration.........

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Hello all,

I'm hoping someone out there may have stumbled across this before me.........

I have an 1L IQ2 in front of me. 62 plate, 67K on the clock. FTSH to 65K. Good-very good overall condition. Fuel economy is as per manual, no incriminating fluid loss/consumption/abuse, passes MOTs with no advisories, no ill-noises. No complaints really, except............

.......it has an inexplicable engine vibration issue going on. Only evident from ~1800 - 2100 rpm, any gear, any speed, any ambient outside temperature and gets significantly worse when under load - sufficient to shake the rear view mirror and wing mirror lenses loose........... Can be felt through the drivers seat.


Things that have been checked/changed so far to try and diagnose/care for it:

- New engine Oil and filter (0w-20, toyota OEM filter),

- Replacement standard air filter

- Correctly gapped spark plugs, (-all have a healthy tan colour to them)

- No error codes, Toyota sepcific or otherwise

- New Battery (correctly spec'd)

.....and still she struggles.

This appears to be a problem that isn't going away, but isn't getting worse either. Fuel quality seems to make no difference.

Anyone else come across this, or similar, and found a solution?

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