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Starter not turning over

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My 2000 my 1.6 manual sometimes won't turn over on the key, I have replaced the starter, checked the relay and looked at the fuses and earthing, still no joy. Anyone got suggestions?

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Check the ignition switch, usually the end section of the barrel contains the actual switch to activate the starter motor circuit and it can become intermittant as you describe before failing totally.

On our old Avensis rather than replace the whole barrel and keys etc we just wired in a manual push button starter switch 10A  down on the lower part of the dashboard.

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These diagrams might help,  seems to remember on the old Avensis we gained acess by removing just the Lower column cover, but not had do it on the corolla.

If it is that switch you could see if Mr. T sells that bit, but think its only available as part of the whole ignition barrel.


000740.thumb.jpg.69db3af48d1e43ecde6b3fd442366e26.jpg     000741.thumb.jpg.46851e5235a066f6198ab1c129b08de8.jpg

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Seems you can buy these switches separately these days, so should be easy and cheap enough to just unscrew and unplug it and fit a new one .



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On 7/29/2021 at 5:06 PM, Farquhar said:

I'm not confident on electrics, but I'll have a go. Thanks again. 

Best of luck, hope the job goes well for you. 

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