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Sky Rocket Price Annual Maintenance (oil change+filters)


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Hi guys,

I live in Germany and recently check the maintenance cost is way more than 2020 or even early 2021 when there is no 10 Years Relax Warranty Stupid rule. 

Average from €220 becomes €320-€430 for 15 000 km service and €430 becomes €560 for 30 000Km service (oil and brake fluid change)   

How is your local dealer price these days. 



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The old rule for 10 years HV Battery warranty only  still applies. So, after 5y/60k miles with DIY maintenance, the rest of HV Battery is valid with hybrid system check only, average cost per year is €30-€45, depends which dealership.  That's what I buy these days and politely reject dealership offer for the Relax 10y warranty offer. Afterall 99.9999999999% Toyota has no issue in the  first 10y/100k miles. It starts have issue at around 200k miles. Common things we need to replace: Brake disc, pads, 12V Battery, and light bulbs are wearable parts, not covered anyway. 

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