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Rear brake discs

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I've just noticed that my rear brake discs on both sides don't seem to be wearing across their full width. The inner halves are smooth as one would expect, but the outer halves are pitted. 

Is this normal (for a hybrid)?


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Its a side effect of the hybrids use of regenerative braking using the motors to slow the car rather than friction braking, to clear the corrosion find a quiet road make sure no one is behind you and emergency brake from speed a few times 

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I find this is a common thing on cars with rear discs that are driven gently - My Dad's Verso also has similar partial wear patterns on his rear discs. I originally thought it was because the pads were misaligned, but on checking they've been proclaimed okay and I can see they cover the disc surface properly.

Mine seem fine so far, but I drive like it's sunday :laugh: 

I do wonder sometimes if it wouldn't have been better to go with rear drums on the hybrids, but I guess it's a requirement because of the EPB? At least the ABS is a lot better than on my previous Yarisususesises, which did have rear drums!


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yes common thing on many hybrid and electric cars as explained above. Best thing to do is to find a quiet road preferably downhill and do a couple of continuous moderate braking in neutral N , that’s very important in N no need to be hard, let say 40mph down to 20mph or 60mph down to 40mph and repeat few times , make sure road is clear no cars around or behind. Do that 4-5 times and check the disc if clear off and do that N braking once a week you won’t have problems anymore. If the rust does not go away after 60-100 miles and after the procedure you may need to service the brakes,( clean and lubricate the slider pins on the brake callipers). 

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I had it once and it was the piston that was misalligned with pads (it has 4 cuts every 90 degrees). The pad pin was actually on the top of the piston not is its hole (such an unprofessional job by the garage).

The pad was completely worn off on that side so I had to replce it.


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