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Toyota Auris - Bluetooth Software Upgrade ?


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Does anyone know how to upgrade the software of the 2008 Toyota Auris bluetooth?

The part that needs the upgrade is shown in the picture below.  My local dealer cannot help and the problem is driving me crazy (whenever I switch off the car, it makes the phone redial the last number!!).  I read somewhere that a software/firmware upgrade solved the issue.

Any ideas please?





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This was not standard equipment, but installer later on at a cost. I have the same. Shame that it does not support music also.

I would try disconnecting it for a bit, from the car. 

If that does not help, it's not really worth the hassle trying to fix it, when you can buy another one for 20GBP.

It's a module, so in theory should be just plug and play, if replaced.


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This is the replacement part that I bought because the original one stopped working.
So the one I bought used, creates this problem... I read somewhere that a software upgrade can fix it.

I am assuming that the parts I bought do not have the upgraded software...



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Considering the age, finding someone who can fix it will be time consuming, and it won't be for free. 

Have you tried using Toyota Techstream to troubleshoot it, or found some other way to reset to factory settings, if that might help?

What was the issue with the original one, did it just die one day, did you open it up? Those modules from back then are pretty bulky, and don't use SMD technology, so if the issue is on hardware side, just some part needs replacing, even you could do it, with a cheap soldering iron.


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