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Toyota Camry Subframe Alignment issue


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Hi Fellows,

I have a 2018 Toyota Camry and I went to a alignment shop for the wheel alignment and even after the alignment the car used to pull to the right side so the technician recommended to move the front subframe and I agreed. Since after that the car is having problem when I accelerate and brake there is this "tic" sound that comes with a small ***** to the car. I have taken the car to the company as well and got it re aligned, not the subframe just wheels, but I told the guy there that this happened with me a guy moved the subframe so he said he will loosen the frame and it will automatically come in place and after that he will do the wheel alignment. but it didn't help and i have taken the car back to the company and they can figure out what's causing the issue. so its been some frustrating last few months if anyone can help it will be much appreciated

(also my rear shock is leaking just telling if somehow it it could be related to this issue)

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You should really take the vehicle to a Toyota main dealer & have the subframe alignment checked / adjusted before having the wheel alignment sorted out.

Some vehicles require special alignment pins inserting in to the subframe to get it in the correct location when attaching it to the body shell - no idea if the Camry requires this but a Toyota main dealer service department will know.

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