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Fuel gauge odometer tripmeter


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My 2003 Yaris Tsport has a small problem.

The tiny binnacle within the main instrument binnacle has stopped lighting up when the ignition is turned on.

The instruments still work , they can be seen (just) when it's dark.

I realise that it's a long shot , but has anyone had the same problem and managed to replace the bulb ? Or maybe it is LED lit .

I can't see a way of removing the main binnacle to have a look.


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Thank you flash, that is very helpful indeed.

I can only apologise that I did not think of searching YouTube myself.😞

And the parts link too , you certainly know how to find things , much appreciated.

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Not sure if you access the bulbs from the rear or the front, there are only a few manuals around for the mk1 and most of them are missing lots of info

I'm sure you can figure it out

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Yes I think I can sort it with that information thanks , still amazed and delighted that this is the only problem ,(apart from the inner cills needing a wire brush and waxoyl)in what will be 2 years of ownership come September.


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