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Tpms not working

S Robin

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Hi there. 

I have a toyota yaris hybrid 2014 model. Tyre shop broke one of my tpms front tyre. I bought an after market tpms not original and Put it in my wheel. I did reset once but I turned off engine right after resetting without waiting 5 minutes. I don't know, do I have to wait 5 minutes. Because the warning light back again. It flashes when I turn the engine and stays on. I am trying to reset it again and I can't Do it. What did I do wrong here? Toyota doesn't like aftermarket unbranded products or my installing process was wrong. I only have a reset button under the steering wheel. I don't have any functions on instrumental panel dashboard or any relearn process. 

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Yeah I wasn't sure if TPMS sensors were a standardised thing or if they were manufacturer specific - Toyota ones a quite pricey!

Regardless, if you replace a TPMS sensor, it has to be coded to the ECU otherwise the car will keep looking for the old one instead.

The reset buttons are just to make it relearn which sensor is on which wheel, and to reset the base tyre pressures, but won't make it pick up new sensors.

To tell the car about a new sensor you either need a TPMS programmer widgit, or just get the garage that broke it to do it - They should have the equipment and they really shouldn't charge you if they broke it and you replaced it out of your own pocket!


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