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Rav4.2 D4D possible seizure - help with diagnosis


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My first post and I’d be grateful for any advice from the collective wisdom of this forum.

I’m trying to help my daughter diagnose a fault - potentially a very serious fault - and I’m having to do it remotely as the car is in the French Alps.

The car is a 2005 RAV4 D4D turbo diesel with 70,000 miles. When it was started yesterday to move it from one side of a car park to another there was an intermittent “nasty metallic rattle” from the engine. The engine would run normally and smoothly, then there would be this nasty rattle.

My daughter called out the local mobile mechanic who spent some time diagnosing.

After several explorations, the end point is that the engine stalled with a nasty crunch and appears to have seized or possibly is jammed externally. The starter won’t turn it over, nor will a socket on the crankshaft pulley.

There is oil in the engine and the cambelt appears intact. The car can be pushed in neutral.

Does anyone recognise this pattern?

What would you advise as the next diagnostic step?

Mobile mechanic is coming back on Thursday and from what I can see from his comments, he knows what he is doing.

All help gratefully received


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Has the car been standing for a length of time?  Why was your daughter moving it from one side of the car park to another?  Has the car had any problems recently?

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Good questions. Car has had no problems. It had been standing for about 10 days and had to be moved to allow some cars to be rearranged in a tiny private car park.

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