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Heated rear window terminals fell off window

Nigel 1

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Good morning,  please could the club help me. I was cleaning my rear windscreen and knocked the terminal off the glass . Does any one know how to repair this or it a new window?. Glue doesn't work because it's non conductive and heated window won't work.

Thank you

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Thank you. I will have a look at the linking have sent forsomeliquid solder. Garage have said dont don't use a soldering iron because the heat inane spot could crack the window.

Thanks again 

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I soldered mine and it was fine. Clean up a patch of the copper element on the window and blob some solder on it (blow on it to cool). Cut the connector off the wire and tin the wire with a generous amoun of solder. Rest the tinned wire against the blob on the copper element and apply enough heat to melt the 2 and blow rapidly to cool. To stop the wire coming off again, I applied some araldite and stuck the first section of the wire to the window. Not super pretty but has worked on ours.

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