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Touch and go sat nav not working 2012 Yaris


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Hi, my wifes 2012 Yaris has the Touch and go sound system fitted, and the Sat Nav side appears to have failed. It works for a short while then locks up with a blank screen and this then effects the normal radio,CD and line in. The other stuff works but with difficulty. I have removed the entire radio SatNav unit from the dash, and opened the SatNav box and checked all of the pc board and multi plug connections under a magnifying glass but can find no problems.

My main question is could I leave the Sat Nav unit disconnected and run the rest of the radio head unit without it?

I have seen the Sat Nav units for sale on ebay, but these days a mobile phone is far better than the original ever was, but I believe the bluetooth also is connected via the Sat Nav unit. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance

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The touch (DA) has bluetooth, as does the nav module - if the nav module is plugged in it disables the bluetooth in the touch (DA)

either could be at fault, It's either heat soak or just the processor/memory starting to fail

you can go into the hidden menu and try a reset on the nav module   under General - Reset extension box



You can also run a failure Diagnostic from the other hidden menu

turn the ignition on

Press and hold the Car button and then turn the headlights on and off 3 times

failure diagnostics - System check

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Thanks for the info Bob, I got into the hidden menus and found several faults listed. I cleared these, but still no joy plus the fault codes repeated. So I have disconnected the Nav unit, and the radio, bluetooth,cd,line in all work fine now. I won't be replacing the Nav unit as the cost is stupid. I have got a Garmin that will do job just as well.


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