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Toyota corolla 2018 Manual Transmission : Raphael


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 Hello Internet Folks ! I Just Recently got a Toyota corolla 2018 Manual transmission 25 000km .

i Been driving manual car for 8 years and drove a bunch of japanesse car.

but im a bit confuse and i whant to know what you guys think.

when i shift the 2 gear 1/5 off time i enconter a weird restriction look like the gear doesnt engage all the way down.

and rarely i can reproduce the issue when the car is stop no engine runing

in the video you can see i am in neutral position at the start of the video i go all the way left then down. but you can see the gear not engage all the way i can push again and then enter the gear proprely.

dont get me wrong the car alwais enter in 2 gear and do not grind at all . but 1/5 off a time you can feel the click and its a bit anoying for my chirurgical need of a good mechanic.

let me know what you guys think my car still on waranty for 2 year but im 90% sure the dealer will say it is normal .

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Hi, I get this on my 13 Auris, but only a fraction compared to yours and the car drives, not sure what the problem is.

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