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I have a 2006 Daihatsu Sirion  ( Same car as Toyota Passo ) I have for about 3-4 months now a CAT_RDY INC under I/M Readiness. NO errors codes or check engine light.

Today I realized on top of that I have a O2S_RDY INC. 

Car is running fine good acceleration, good top speed. Only thing I have noticed is a bit higher fuel consumption.

The only thing that I did today is take the car for the yearly Oil change and since its weekend and I have some free time I did some checks on the car: Fluids, Battery, Tyre pressure etc and when I connected the OBDII I found I have one more I/M Readiness INC.

When I took the car to the mechanic for the Oil change I told him I have a CAT_RDY INC and without looking at the car he told that the O2 sensor need replacing. After I took the car back from the mechanic the O2S_RDY INC popper up in OBDII. Coincidence ?

What needs to be done now ? Replace the CAT and O2 sensor ? thats like 1000£ job and recommendations ?






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The 02 sensors are in spec the engine thinks it is lean so is over fuelling, it's likely a vacuum leak

what engine do you have ? What is the mileage ?

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4 hours ago, flash22 said:

It could just be a bad injector dumping fuel

Yes I was told that too. So what should i check so far ?

*Vaccum Leak


what else ?

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1 minute ago, flash22 said:

Pick one and trace it down - if it's ok move on to the next possible cause

So only 2 things to check , Injectors and Vaccum Leaks ?

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Actually I have changed spark plugs on November 2019 but I have never changed the injectors in the 4 years I have the car. So sounds plausible

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