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About to buy a 2009 Avensis

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i am about to buy a Avensis T spirit 2009. What is confusing me is it does not have a sat nav or reversing camera, instead it has a plain cd player. Its very hard for me to believe it has all the functionalities but this. can anyone help me understand that. is it something the car dealer is not sharing with me or it does come like that.

it will make me take a better decision.

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When I bought my Avensis T27 TR Valematic Tourer (2009 '58 plate) six years ago, it had the standard audio with bluetooth for phone calls. I was aware of 'Nav' versions with the reverse cameras, but don't miss these features. I was more disappointed that the bluetooth didn't support music and other functions, but as most of you that have read my posts, I added a Bluetooth/USB adaptervia the CD changer port. 

This has been great and with my latest setup - WEFA Bluetooth/USB adapter, Samsung Galaxy S20FE 5G dual sim, I have split the bluetooth duties so the cars Bluettoth handles the phone calls, the adapter handles music and Google instructions and navigation. Another advantage is that I have Google maps with Drive, Here maps with fully downloadable maps and Waze. All will be far better than the built in navigation, since they will be more upto date with full traffic updates. They are all free whilst getting the latest update for the built in nav system can cost silly money, plus it may still be out of date! 
What I am saying, is you are not missing too much unless you want the reverse camera and a few minor customisable features.    

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