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Squeak / Squeal from engine bay area of a 2009 plate


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Hi, I have a 2009 plate Aygo and at certain revs or going over a bump I get a squeak / squeal front the front. 

I noticed today with the bonnet up while it was idling while it was doing it if I pressed down with a little force of the airbox it would stop.

Is it possible for an engine mount to squeak / squeal?

It sounds like a light belt squeal noise but obviously can't be a belt if it stops when I press on the airbox...





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Will take a look but it's hammering it down right now lol.


At first I thought it was the springs holding the exhaust onto the cat/downpipe but they seem nice and tight and surely pressing down on the engine wouldn't stop them squeaking?


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1 hour ago, Vandals01 said:

It could be anything.  Personally, I think this is worth a try:


Just tap around the engine until you can isolate the noise.

You can do that with a long screwdriver pressed to your ear.

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