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2011 2.2 D-Cat Avensis Automatic transmission fluid change_advice


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Hi all,

I purchased a 2011 Avensis with automatic gearbox and just replaced the engine oil but planning to do the transmission fluid as well.

I've received a £150 quote from a garage but would do by myself if someone could give me an advice. Also I don't trust them, what if they charge me for the filter and they actually won't replace it...

I need to know the following:

-I know where the drain plug is but where can I fill it up?

-How can I check the level after refilling it?

-Should i cange the filter as well? I would do in on my driveway so can be windy and don't want get dust if I need to take the bottom...

-Does someone has the repair manual for this?

Current milage is 89k.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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