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Vsc off flashing, check engine lights and 4wd light stuck


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How to fix vsc off flashing plus check engine lights on and 4wd light stuck. Anyone with tips and techniques to fix it? 

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last week engine stopped suddenly after a 20mile/h driving. Car cannot start again. I got same light, checked error code with my bluetooth obd adaptor with android obd app. get the P1271.

i purchase a fuel pressure regulator from ebay and engine can start now. but get other code P0191. i doubt the  fuel pressure regulator is a clone one which show the P0191 code.

now i am looking for a genuine Bosch fuel pressure regulator. I asked some auto parts shop but no luck to get one.

does anyone know where to get the Bosch genuine parts?

Thank you.

P.S. it is a 1nd-tv AWD model.



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Your profile shows the model year as 2021, but they only exported the Urban Cruiser to the UK between 2009 and 2013. What year is the car?

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