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Toyota parts and vehicles of India are getting on de-standards now a days ....


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Dear Team ,
As the service center has already agreed to refund the charges of TPM as confirming as faulty , and is ignoring to replace below , which is explained how logically both below items are co-relatedly damaged for the main default product of TPM; 
1) Tyre : Right side tyre got damaged as the tier pressure monitor was not able to send proper parameter , so being faulty product provided from the first day , it resulted to the damage of tire , so its not our fault , as its co relatedly fault of same Toyota product.
2) Jack  : As on first time , when you are on road in rains while you have just came out from corona , and the main part of tyre is not working upto mark of level defined , so its naturally but oblivious you think that marked level may be not proper , and any person in such circumstances will try more to make it work , and in first time use , if any part doesn't work , than it is said to be faulty .
3) On above part experiences , it come ahead that now a days toyota is providing un tested and un standard products .
4) I do have the paint issue also on my Vehicle , so i need the replacement of Vehicle .
5) I have already used 5 vehicles of toyota , from last 17 years i.e 2005. 
6) By God grace we have all kind of passenger vehicles in our home , From top brands to good ones.
Expecting as serious call and revert on this , or else i know our judicial law is good enough to protect customer rights , if anyone is taking wrong call in name of company.
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Toyota Owners Club has no association with Toyota, is based in the UK and the majority of members are in the UK or Europe. You need to take these issues up with Toyota India.

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