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Nervous 2.2 D4-D 2007 owner - asking advice


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Hi there!
We bought a Rav 4 2007 d4d 220k km on the clock. After reading about the engine and all the faults I've become a bit concerned, but I wanna work proactive.

The car does not use any water or Oil that I have noticed, and there is no smoke coming out of it. But I did notice when I was changing the Oil that the Oil itself was very thin, almost watery like when running. Just to be clear, there was no water in it, and it didn't smell a like diesel, but I have a feeling either it was a long overdue oilchange, or it has entered some diesel in the Oil. And also the car is a little "nudgy" when I try to pull it over 3k rpm. It's very torqy under, so i'ts not like it's in a "bad shape". I have ordered gaskets so I can clean the EGR, according to history it was replaced at a toyota dealer and the ECU was remaped in 2012.
Should I wory about the injectors? Take them out, and give them a good rinse in a ultrasonic cleaner or something?

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