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Steering wheel switches


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try the Nav manual ? P62


Volume does the incoming  call volume

Enter button on the right (round centre one) is answer/hang up

Info is displayed on the gauge cluster for other options

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Thanks. Not obvious at all.

I went through owners manuals and it only showed Type A controls.

I’ll give it a go - once the microphone issue is sorted. 😩

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I do like that on the Mk4 there's a dedicated button with the Phone symbol on to answer/hangup - Takes the guesswork out of it! :laugh: I just hope the buttons last - They don't feel very robust!

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14 hours ago, HughA said:

My 2016 Mk 3 ICON hybrid has 2 phone buttons on the wheel, one to answer and one to hang up.

So does my 2014. Looks like they've overcomplicated things to try and "fix" something that didn't need "fixing".:rolleyes::ph34r:

Maybe that explains the Tech trim?:laugh:

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3 gen second facelift - some have the MID display in the centre of the gauges - and the later controls, so you can use the menu system

iirc you only got the MID on 14-18 cars with the Toyota safety sense option (it was even an option on the Excel)

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