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Testing rear wiper motor on Toyota Ice


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This is a first post to the Toyota Club.

I want to diagnose why the rear wiper motor doesn't work on my daughter's 2011 Toyota Ice.  The rear screen water pump works, which presumes the fuse is OK.

Lots of general stuff on the 'net, but while educational, doesn't give guidance.

Thought I'd try here to save time.

What should the colours be in the three pin connector?  I have a blurred pic on phone, and can't look for them currently as the car is not here. I guess the positive from the multimeter should go to one of the pins and then the negative to earth to get voltage and circuit continuity.

If it's a good supply, what readings should I expect?





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There should be a three pin connector to the wiper motor.

One terminal will be an ignition-switched live. One is 12V supply switched by the wiper stalk.  The third terminal is ground.

Switch the ignition on and wiper off and use your voltmeter to check for 12V between one of the terminals and a known good earth. Other two terminals should show 0V. 

Now switch the rear wiper on. You should now find another terminal is at 12V. 

Finally the third terminal is the motor ground. Use your meter's resistance range to check for continuity between this terminal and a known good ground.

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