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Purchase Advice : Toyota Avensis T25 2003-2009


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Hello ! I intend to buy a Toyota Avensis and I got a few questions :
-I have a budget of 2000-3500 euro. Is that enough for the European market?
-What engine should I go for? 1.6 VVTI is any decent? Honestly I know the right answer is 1.8 VVTI but it might be easier to find 1.6 VVTIs and more maintained with less worn in my budget.

-What are the most common problems? Should I avoid the pre-facelift models? I have heard that patrols before 2005 have problems with Oil consumption. Also, pre-facelift models have problems with the lights (they condensate inside) and the steering column. Is that right? 

-Are the interior materials of good quality?

-How is the reliability? I have asked other people about that and they said their cars reached more than 300.000-400.000 km and didn't require more than just Oil, filters and new brakes. It kind of sounds too good 🙂

-How does it compare to Passat, Mondeo, Accord and Mazda6 ? My second choice is Mazda6, but what brings me closer to the Avensis is the strong build quality I have heard of, even better reliability and the looks (people say the Avensis looks bad - why? to me it resembles a mature and quiet type).

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Best buy is 2006-2008 (facelift) 1.8 vvti.

They are very reliable if they have been regularly serviced.  Check for corrosion underneath (depends on the climate in your country).

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