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Toyota voxy head gasket cost


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Did you get any sort of warranty when you got it or did you buy private ? If it's from a dealer and didn't buy it Trade or As Is



You’re legally entitled to a repair if something goes wrong with the car.

Because you bought the car in the last 6 months, the law says it must have been faulty when you bought it.

If the trader says the car wasn’t faulty when they sold it to you, it’s their responsibility to prove it. If you don’t agree with this proof, you might need to get your own evidence.

‘Faulty’ means the car is not:

  • ‘of satisfactory quality’ - it should do what you’d expect for its age, mileage, price and type
  • ‘fit for purpose’ - for example, if you asked for a car that would pull a caravan, it has to be able to do that
  • ‘as described’ - it has to match the advert or the description the trader gave you

If the problem fits into at least one of these categories, ask the trader to repair the car. If the trader takes too long (or it causes you too much inconvenience), you’ll be entitled to a partial refund.

A head gasket job depending on the complexity and whether it needs machine work or replacement head/block due to warping £600-1200

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Has head gasket failure actually been diagnosed.?..or just someone's opinion.?

If its a failure than I'd certainly be budgeting for at least £1000.

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Does it boil over ? Have you tried a new Rad Cap ? the blueprint one is about 11 quid (part No. ADH29902) Toyota - 16401-62100

The water system is pressurized, the rad cap allows the system to hold its pressure and release it if the pressure is too high, or it gets too hot

If that is ok next step to check the water pump then do a hydrocarbon test







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As Bob (Flash) suggests.I think I'd be investigating a little more to make sure just what the problem is.

A HG replacement is expensive..so be sure.!

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