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Hi My name is John Leishman and I am the proud owner of a 1996 Toyota Granvia. I have owned the Granvia for sometime now and love it. Being a “ grey import” identifying parts and gaining information on it can sometimes be a challenge.

It is my first Toyota and I am very impressed though my son has had a couple and has lived in Australia highly recommended Toyota.

Any pointers to gaining information on the Granvia for parts etc are most welcome.

Best regards,



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Welcome to the forum

Any questions, post them in the relevant forum(s)

Parts wise, try blueprint



for oem parts numbers, there are sites like





If you can find the oem numbers, you can usually find aftermarket parts


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Welcome John...nice truck...I have an Estima import (over 5 years now)

I'd second the Blueprint/Bilstein route for parts...and if you get the OEM part numbers then ebay can be a good source.

All you need to ascertain is the Frame number (imports don't have VINs as we know them)..and that will be on a plate somewhere on the vehicle..probably under the bonnet on one of the inner wings...then head to toyodiy or megazip as Bob suggests.

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