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Infotainment - playing music of a USB drive.


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Since I got my Corolla I've been playing music off an iPod but it's behaved a bit oddly recently so might be on the way out and now I'm investigating playing off a USB stick. I've tried this before but couldn't get the infotainment unit to behave rationally. Since then I've had the firmware update so I'm hoping it works better now.


My music is stored on the USB drive in a folder structure \<artist>\<album>\.

I've discovered that this time around at least it when it's finished with one album it will go onto the next in folder order (previously it just repeated the album).

My first question is whether when it plays the last album will it go back around to the first one?

What I'd really like is for it to play random albums like my iPod does - has anyone actually worked out how to do this? I tried starting it playing from the Album list then tapped shuffle twice. It played the next track okay but then started playing random tracks.


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I mentioned the same problem Andrue in an earlier post on here. I eventually learned that pressing the repeat button brings up a small folder icon at the side and this worked for me. After playing the last track in the folder it then goes back to the first track and starts over again.

Not had a problem with it since then.

The structure on my USB is albums in folders and a seperate folder that contains all the individual tracks from every album that get played one after the other in alphabetical order.

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I use playlists a lot on my USB music which worked fine on my previous Toyotas since 2012, but annoyingly the RAV4 doesn't support them - even though I got the JBL upgrade (which I didn't really want - I got it to get the PVM (4 cameras).

However, I have the same music folder structure on an SD card in my phone, and when I play music via bluetooth the playlists are visible and work just fine.

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reposting here as seems more relevant than 'Infotainment system' where it was before.

Can you have 2 layers of folders? On my memory stick I have my music and a folder called 'wife' where there are more folders, one for each CDs worth of tracks favoured by my wife.

Fine on a laptop but when used in the car, the 'wife' folder is not visible but all the folders it contains are, but are mixed up with mine.

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It will not see it on the root, you should be able to do it on the second folder level

Root - music - Wife


                      - Old Boy


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In the past I have streamed audio from Rocket Player over bluetooth which is another option but there was a reason I preferred not to do that. Can't remember what it was though.

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