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Hilux limp mode


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I have a 2006 n70 that occasionally goes into limp mode, we had it scanned and it comes up with major fuel leak, which we’ve ruled out and it clearly doesn’t have. Normally when it goes into limp mode I can just turn the key and it resets and it’s fine. Lately I’ve been having to pull over and leave the car off for a few minutes for it to reset. It generally happens if I run the revs too high before changing gears, but this morning happened going around a corner with revs considerably low. 
It’s just been serviced and had the fuel filter replaced (which was ****** and probably half my issue in the first place) but I’m still having the issue of going into limp mode at random. If anyone has any ideas or has had something similar happen I’d appreciate any help!

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P0093 Major fuel leak is not necessarily an actual leak, all the car can tell is the pressure between high pressure pump and common rail pressure sensor suddenly drops, there are lots of possibilities:


MONITOR DESCRIPTION The ECM constantly monitors the internal fuel pressure of the common rail after the engine is started. The ECM sets this DTC if the drop in the internal fuel pressure is large when the fuel is injected.

In the common rail system, high-pressure fuel is always supplied to the high-pressure areas including the supply pump, common rail, injectors, and piping. The ECM adjusts the suction control valve opening angle to obtain the desired fuel pressure. If this DTC is set, the ECM enters fail-safe mode. The fail-safe mode suspends both fuel injection and supply pump operation, and then stops the engine. Before stopping the engine, the ECM permits the vehicle to be driven for 1 minute. The fail-safe mode continues until the ignition switch is turned off

The diagnosis is long winded an requires use of a compatible diagnostic computer, you can access information HERE access is chargeable by hour, day, moth etc but all content can be downloaded and saved

Look for bulletin EG-8006 which streamlines the diag process down to 28 pages 

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