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hello all, i currently own a 2014 Toyota Aygo, and don’t have any access to Apple CarPlay in my car and considering i play a lot of music and require google maps a lot in my car, it’s a pain that i have to wait for everything to connect and have to use my phone for maps on a little stand that blocks some of my view, I’ve been looking on places such as eBay and have come across 2019 Toyota Aygo Multimedia Head Units that have Apple CarPlay on them, do you know if they’ll be compatible with a 2014 model such as mine or is there another way in which i can get Apple Carplay on my Aygo?



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Is your 2014 Aygo a Mark 1 or Mark 2?

If a Mark 2 then the radio fitted to the late 2018 on Mark 2 Aygo is a direct swap and will give you CarPlay and Android Auto.

If a Mark 1 then your best option is an aftermarket head unit that has CarPlay, most of the major companies like Alpine etc. do some single DIN driveless units that will fit (double DIN units are also available but need a bit more work to fit).

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