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incoming calls on my 2021 Yaris Hybrid while wearing hearing aids


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while wearing hearing aids , incoming calls will not ring wirelessly through the car ., only through my iPhone 11 . Phone is paired ,bluetooth is connected . If hearing aids are switched off it will ring through the car. If I connect through Apple Car Play ,it works ok Have unpaired phone and hearing aids and reconnected .Have tried in in a 2021 Toyota Corolla and 2 other cars ,it works ok .Have contacted Apple ..phone settings are ok , hearing aids company ...settings are correct .

Sometimes one may forget to connect Phone via USB to Apple Car Play ,ie, leave phone in pocket etc . When phone rings , you cannot answer phone while driving...illegal , 

Would like to hear if anyone else has had this problem. I am fairly tech savvy but this has me totally confused.Any help would be appreciated 

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On 8/18/2021 at 2:55 PM, 0863363834 said:

hi Joe   yes ,i have them about 2 yrs

hey Joe , i have solved the problem through Google search . Seemingly this was or is a common problem .On iPhone on 1st page scroll down to accessibility, click open, scroll down to hearing aids,click to open ,switch off "Play Ringtones" and"Play System Sounds" and then click to open Audio Routing , then set  Call Audio and Media Audio to automatic . 

Hope this info maybe of help to those that may have a similar prob

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