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Supra GR 3.0 Connectivity Issues


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Bought a 2nd hand Supra GR a couple of weeks ago

So far i have been unable to add the car to SupraConnect
(when using the app to add the VIN no, the error says 'The requested services have been deactivated for this vehicle' - when trying to add the VIN through the web page the error says 'The mobile network connection has been deactivated for this vehicle')

I spoke to Toyota technical last Thursday & shortly after that Apple CarPlay disappeared as an option when my iPhone connects to the car.

The selling garage are clueless... 'it's BMW kit, phone Toyota technical' was the help they have given so far

Having trawled other forums, it does appear there can be an issue with the BMW servers that can occur from time to time that removes Apple CarPlay but usually for multiple owners

I was just wondering if any other owners have experienced similar problems and if they found a solution?

Cheers for any help or insight you can give

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The DCM (data communications module) aka telematics, needs to be activated/registered to you, speak to a dealer that actually specializes in these cars


You may need to pay to activate your service as it's a used car

"You can renew your Supra Connect services from the Supra Connect Store link which can be found after logging in to your account at www.supraconnect.com or if you have already added your payment details online you can renew from within the car. Go to the Supra Connect menu, then Supra Connect store and you can choose the service you wish to book and the subscription you would like to take out."


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Thanks for the reply

speaking to the guys at Toyota, they say that they can see the car is registered to me

the link you gave is actually to the US supraconnect site - I think the UK one is different? & neither the app nor the website give me an option to pay for anything… perhaps because I can’t enter the car VIN ?

finding a dealer that knows anything about this car would be a plus!

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