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What constitutes a 'Trip'


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As I've mentioned before, I usually sit in the car listening to the music while my good lady does all the family shopping. When I look at the 'trips' record, the round journey shows as a single journey. Is this because I've not physically shut the car down? Do I need to turn the car off to end a trip?

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Straight answer yes. My advice is not to turn off the car while remain inside  if you are about to use anything like radio or infotainment screen or simply charging your phone make sure tha car is always in ready mode , ON. Otherwise you can kill the 12v Battery easily. 👍

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Great, thanks for the reply Tony. Really appreciated.
The more I drive this car, the more I like it and as I mentioned before my only regret is that I didn't wake up sooner and make the change years ago.

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