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E110 with a e100 front face?


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So, I have just started to appreciate Corollas. I like the e110 but I prefer the front of the e100. How easy is it to convert the e110 with an e100 front? Also, can you get aftermarket tail lights for the e110? I don’t like the standard tail lights and would prefer different or led versions! 

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Aftermarket parts for these cars have long been discontinued, You may find some old stock on AliExpress

As for the face lift it will be front wings, bonnet, grille bumper and lights - find the parts will be the issue on a 24+ year old car


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It depends on the exact model, tbh most of the standard model cars go to scrap, it's the limited editions, performance and tte cars that people keep

As they get older and rarer parts tend to command a premium

Aftermarket parts will have been discontinued 10-15 years ago

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