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rust in the engine block and pistons


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I have a problem with a C-HR model 2020 2.0. The heat engine started at some point to shake badly. the car arrived in service and they concluded that the gasoline had water.  Because of this, the pistons rusted in the engine.the car has only 21000 km.  Your representative tells me that this does not cover the warranty.  Moreover, they say that the whole engine may need to be replaced.  How much water did it take to get so much rust? tThe car was powered 80% from MOL and occasionally from OMV. 

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Water from the fuel to cause rust to pistons? Not impossible but very unlikely., If the quantity of water entered the engine is that much to cause a piston to rust that’s would have hydro locked already. Fuel enters the engine as steam (spray of fuel) not liquid like and some very small amount water vapour can only clean the engine internals , water to cause rust sounds like water has flooded engine or something else perhaps. Second opinion from another garage must be taken and if that’s the case then the fuel station should be responsible. Does the engine shakes badly all the time or only on cold start ? 

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