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Touch 2 with Go problems


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I have a 2015 RAV4 with Touch2 with go (plus, I think) that just recently has become very difficult to input postcodes and addresses. I think the problem is with the touchscreen itself. When I get to around the 3rd digit of the postcode, sometimes it bleeps but does not input the digit, sometimes no bleep and no digit, sometimes will go in after multiple touches and then jumps to the next screen with a short, incorrect, postcode. Anybody had anything similar? Any possible fixes? (Sat Nav works fine once I manage to get an address in)

Many thanks.

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Probably worth going into the settings and config and finding out what version of the software you are running, and posting it on here.

There's at least one thread on this forum which has the version details from Toyota and lists what particular bugs each new version fixes, maybe do some searching and see if your issue is a known bug, fixed by an update.

Do you have a map care subscription, have you updated to the latest software?

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Thanks for the reply but it hasn’t been updated for a couple of years and has been absolutely fine up until a month or 2 ago so don’t think it’s a bug, it’s either something failing (like the touchscreen itself) or the software has gone corrupted somehow and needs a reinstall or something similar. Have tried a cold reboot by disconnecting the Battery for a while but to no avail, might try to reinstall the last software/map update it had but there’s no way I am wasting money on another update if it’s not functioning correctly. Will post version when I have had a look.

UPDATE.     software version is 6-11-0wh

                     map 2018 v1

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