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2005 Yaris body mods(?)


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this is my first post here, and basically, I bought a 2005 Yaris the other day. Super excited as it's a fun little car to drive around, but I have a thing with cars. I always want to make them look customised, and more personal to me. This involves moving away from the stock parts, but I'm fine with it. I'm no mechanic, but I've done basic things to my previous cars before (like swapping out bumpers, changing wheels/tires etc.)

This time, I'm looking to replace the front and rear bumpers, so I can give the car a more sporty, personalised look. I've searched around (including here, on these forums), but does anyone have any suggestions for new bumpers, especially ones that won't break the bank? Would love to see what others have done too. 

Another important second goal is to replace the seats, for both my own comfort (I'm kinda lanky, 6ft, so my knees poke up a little bit and get sore). If I could adjust even just the height of the seat, it would be a great difference. However, I don't find the stock seats that comfy, so replacing the whole seat would be fine with me. I've seen a lot of variety when people have done seat swaps in these cars - from Type R Civic seats, to Sparco, to Corolla SE seats. I'm just looking for something I can stretch my legs out a little further in, lol.


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Hi Skylar and welcome to TOC.

I understand there is an Archived Club Gallery in the Misc. section on the forum where members post photos of mods etc.


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You can put seats from a T-Sport into a normal Yaris very easily. I had to cut off one of the locating pins on my pair of T-Sport seats, then they went in really easily. I'm not sure if that's because the rails were a bit bent or not, but it seemed to help. The T-Sport seats have a lot more bolster so you won't fly around so much when cornering! The drivers seat has height adjustment, though I've always just kept mine on the lowest height just to try and lower the seating position. They're comfy too 🙂

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There were some old Yaris-specific forums that might be worth a look, although they have gotten a lot quieter these days (I think toyotaownersclub have moved to facebook, and yarisworld are more US-focussed),

The T-Spirit and T-Sport seats both feature height adjustment. They're also a damned sight more comfy than the seats they put in the Excel-spec Mk4 Yaris!! :crybaby:Should be fairly easy to get hold of by now via e.g. breakers or eBay.

Also, I think Fensport still carry mods for the Mk1 Yaris - They customized a Mk1 Yaris a few years ago for Children in Need, and drove it from Chatteris to Tokyo Long Way Round-style (The absolute nutters! :laugh: )

Even they know the Mk1 is indestructible!!! :biggrin: 


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