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New member looking for a Toyota pruis

Bhav Mistry

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Good afternoon Everyone,


Currently I own a Ford focus but looking to buy a Toyota pruis 

Can some one please help in buying one as I'm not too sure what to look out for




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Good afternoon Bhavik, and welcome to Toyota Owners Club forum.

How old a Prius are you looking for?????  All Prius are hybrid and Toyota have been making Prius for just over 20 years There are still Gen1 and Gen2 around but from 2009 to 2016 there is a Gen3, 2016-current a Gen4.         

The early Gen3 could suffer from oil burning issues but should have been put right by Toyota by now......but may be some around still not done. A friend bought a 2010 with less then 70k miles and it was an oil burner, fortunately he bought it from a Toyota dealer with a Toyota warranty and they had to sort it out.....now fine.       That is the biggest problem I know of.     The hybrid system is well engineered right from day 1. Guys in USA and some over here have done more then 200k miles and still going.     Because the hybrid system provides some braking effect the rear brakes, because of lack of use, can stick, the disks corrode, so check them.  Cost of replacement will be around a "standard" car cost to replace.   

I would looking for Toyota service stamps in the book, or online Toyota service record.  If you buying a used car there will be a 5 year warranty from new (if first registered from 1st June 2021 it will be a 3 year warranty-but read on). This year, July 1st, Toyota brought in a new warranty which extends the warranty each year starting when the 5/3 year warranty ends. To benefit from this new warranty, called Relax, you need the annual/10k service to be done by a Toyota dealership. This can continue until the car is 10 years old or done 100k miles.  In addition to those warranties, Toyota put faith in there big hybrid Battery by checking at each service the hybrid Battery with a Hybrid Health Check. After the 5/3 year warranty expires, if you have your car service by a Toyota dealer you get a free HHC giving warranty to the next service. This can be done annually up to 15 years. If you choose to have the vehicle serviced outside of Toyota then you can pay £45 (currently) to have a HHC to gain advantage of its warranty.  

From my Gen3 I was getting mid 65 mpg, less in the colder months (up to 8 mpg less).  From the Gen4 I am regularly getting mid 75 mpg (best I had just over 96 mpg on a 50 mile journey one way), again, less in the colder months (up to 8 mpg).  Road tax is mostly £0, but beware tax rules changed 1st April 2017 and now you pay more, check it out.

Lots of driving techniques on You Tube of how to get good mpg from your Prius.

Hope this helps.

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