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Toyota auris t180 2.2 no power no codes

Shaun h

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Hi, I currently have a 2007 toyota auris t180 2.2 decat engine. I advised my car for sale and had 2 really dodgy looking guy's come to view the car. They bought the car, drove up the road for a 5 minutes and the returned with the car in limp mode. They we're demanding money off the car, saying I'd sold them a faulty car and they had to take it as I'd already changed the logbook over. I've never had an issue with the car previously to this, also drive the car around 300 miles that particular day. I gave them their money back and told them to go on their way as I was almost certain they'd done something to the car. My question is what could they have done to the car to make it go in limp mode. No engine light on, i had a local garage plug it in and only codes came up we're Aircon, and breaking code. I can see anything visibly removed or put of place, any help where to start would be greatly appreciated. 

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Is the car working ok now?  If "yes it is", have you done anything to it?

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You tried something simple first, like disconnecting the Battery for 10 minutes? 

What kind of diagnostic did the local garage had? I'm guessing not Toyota techstream, as it would show something if the car was in limp mode.

I'd just reset it with disconnected Battery, and then give it a go.

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I experienced a similar, unusual loss of power after taking my car to a garage. No fault codes were present, but what the garage had seemingly done is disconnect the intake pipe from the turbo, but left it positioned on the turbo. This meant the car produced literally no turbo boost, yet no fault codes!

Just have a check to make sure they haven't done that.

Has it definitely entered limp mode?

I hope this helps!

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