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Recently bought a Toyota Alphard, imported. Radio screen is in Japanese - anyone know if/how this can be changed to English please. 
Maldonado every time we start car, woman talks Japanese to us - can this be switched off at all

thanks for any responses 

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Hi anyone know which replacement head unit fits toyota alphard..halfords don't have a clue and places I've rung want stupid money quoting harness and fascia kits and reverse camera problems surley it cant be that complicated 

Just wondered if anyone had this done mines a 2007 by the way cheers

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You can fit most double din radio's, the world is your lobster

fitting kits can get pricey, audio controls adapter £25-50, not sure on the fascia kit without looking and a reverse cam adapter are £30-40 at worse it requires repining 2 pins or splicing

this depends on what model the factory radio is


Oh that fascia is a bit special £80-90 but you may get away with using CT24TY09 (£12) or CT23TY53 (£30) with the original facia

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