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Hi to all, I am awaiting the arrival of my first ever Toyota.

After much thought I eventually chose a Rav 4 Excel 2wd Decoma Grey 

I normally join forums for all cars I have had because I find that owners are the best source of information and help and I try and give that back if and when I can.

My last car was a Volvo V90 Inscription, awesome car well put together and faultless in my ownership however due to fathers failing health and his car soon to be going I needed something that sat a bit higher and I discounted everything over £40000 as I will not continue to pay crazy tax prices.

So I’m hoping I really don’t need any help with issues ( hope no issues) but look forward to seeing and hearing about others good and bad stuff and what they do to / with their cars etc.



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1 minute ago, uniqa said:

Welcome to the Toyota. Whats your impression? 

I havent got the car yet but during test drive I was quite impressed having owned Freelander 2( great) and Discovery Sport(POS) I would say it is on par if not better and if all the wheels fell off it it would still be better than the Discovery Sport.

I must admit if the Volvo XC 60 had been under 40k I would probably have stayed with Volvo but I am looking forward to the Rav 4.

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