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Turboing a 5afe ae110 Trueno


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Christchurch, New Zealand based

I recently bought a manual 1997 trueno fz (5afe)
I wanted to know how possible it would be to turbo it on stock internals
trying to keep the budget tight.
would be helpful to know if getting bigger injectors and a bigger pump would be enough to push low levels of boost.
reliability is more important than power to me but I wouldn't mind reaching a decent number of ponies without compromising too much reliability or building a stronger engine.
I've had a good look around for turbo kits and really haven't found much that isn't either 3 grand plus or partially complete.
I don't mind assembling a kit myself its just the finer details like what size turbo would work well, if I can use the stock intake manifold, if a 4afe turbo exhaust manifold will fit and will I need to buy a new ecu or will the stock one do with a flash or no flash.
the aim of the game for me is to keep heat low and not spend a fortune

any help would be greatly appreciated thanks :)




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