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Radio not holding stations after power off.


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I've installed Pioneer DEH-X7800DAB and it is not holding stations after power off.  It is something that I can do by myself like swapping pins in the ISO or does it require any other magic abilities ?

Can someone point me in the right direction what and how can I sort this out.

Car is Aygo 2008 automatic.


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You need to swap the ignition & non-ignition wires over - usually the red and yellow ones.

Most aftermarket radios have bullet connectors in those wires to make the swapover easy.

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I've encountered exactly the same problem when I installed my Pioneer Mvh-390BT.

Basically, all HeadUnit requires two sources of power:

1. A constant supply of 12v (even if the car is turned off) - To keep memories such as Radio stations.

2. Supply of 12V when the car turns ON - The primary power draw, also alert the Head Unit to turn itself on.

In my and yours case, 1 & 2 were basically the wrong way round.


As for the Mvh-390BT, where is a quick disconnect on the wiring loom (on the Red and Yellow wire).  All I did was disconnect them, then cross it over to solve the issue.

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