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Android Auto / Bluetooth - confused!


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I have an Apple iPhone 8 which I use for work as well as my own personal phone (Samsung S20FE 5g).

My employer has SIRI disabled on the iPhone 8 and they will not enable it for me. 

What I want really is to have my work phone (iphone8) for calls (a must) and be able to use cabled connection for wave/google sat nav or Amazon music.

On reading the instructions (car delivered 13th Sept) I says if you try to use Apple carplay it will disable bluetooth but with android auto it doesn't...


Can I use my Apple work phone on bluetooth.... but have my android auto to Samsung phone connected or will that completely mess up phone book and being able to receive calls.... 

with SIRI disabled... and iPhone plugged in.. I doubt I can use it for calling out on hands free as it disables bluetooth and without Siri I can't voice command so im left I imagine having to use work phone on blue tooth but android auto for rest?  



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Try disabling the bluetooth on your android phone and connect that via the usb to use music and android auto and connect the iPhone as normal it might work just an idea

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I called Toyota Communications team and they went away and ran a test for me.  You can't have one phone on bluetooth and use another for CarPlay - back to the Toyota sat nav and will use my own phone at weekends for music !

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