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Toyota to launch hydrogen powered Corolla and Prius in 2023

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Now that is interesting, especially the part about using hydrogen directly as a fuel.  Cutting out 9ne of the energy exchange processes makes it more efficient overall 

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10 hours ago, FROSTYBALLS said:

From the driver's perspective there's a logic to petrol or diesel plug-in hybrids, its a bridge technology with the range and comprehensive fuel availability from the petrol/diesel, combined with zero emissions electric driving where charging facilities are available. It's a stepping stone to all electric driving, while the charging infrastructure gets rolled out and Battery ranges improve. A hydrogen plug-in Prius is the opposite, it combines the two least available fuels, there's so few hydrogen fueling stations that in most the UK it could only function as a short-range EV, in which case most drivers would be better off with a regular EV. It's a strange proposition to the customer.

A hybrid Corolla might be more promising, if the combustion engine could be designed to run on hydrogen and petrol that could make it an interesting proposition, hydrogen where it's available and petrol where it isn't, similar to LPG cars. You could buy that and run it anywhere.

At some point though Toyota is going to have to learn from Tesla, if you want consumers to adopt your particular fuelling technology then it needs to step in an support the fueling infrastructure. Part of Tesla's success is that it built the Supercharger stations to let owners charge their vehicles. Anyone buying a hydrogen car has to fend for themselves.

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